Lake Bursjøen - Lake Stor Jyltingsvola Padling

Day 3 of exploring Jyltingsmarka

Viktig informasjon

  • Sesong: juni–august
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Middels
  • Lengde: 5.5 kilometer (A til B)
  • Stigning: 0 meter
  • Varighet: 3.5–5.5 timer

Om Lake Bursjøen - Lake Stor Jyltingsvola

This adventure is the third day of a 4-day trip paddling in Jyltingsmarka. 


It is assumed that you have begun your trip from Lake Glen. See Lake Glen to Lake Halvorsjøen for transportation details.


In the northwest corner of Lake Bursjøen, there is an access point to Lake Stor Jyltingen, that requires you to portage your canoe. 

There are three mountains that can be accessed from Lake Stor Jyltingen: Mount Sorkvola, Mount Jyltingvola, and Mount Gutilivola that's located in the Gutulia National Park. There are no marked trails, but they can be easily hiked using maps on the Outtt app. 

Both lakes have grayling, common whitefish, perch, and northern pike. Make sure you have a fishing license, which are available for purchase at Femund Canoe Camp. 


  • If you do not own a canoe, you can rent one from Femund Canoe Camp. Make sure you book in advance.
  • The closest grocery store is Joker, located in Drevsjø. 
  • In addition to the Outtt app, it's advised to also bring a paper map with at least a 1:100000 scale. Maps are available at Femund Canoe Camp. 


The lake water is clean enough to drink but, use your own discretion. 


Pitch a tent. In Norway, you can camp nearly everywhere, read more about the Right to Roam law.


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