Kalepa Ridge Trail Vandring

Views of the Na Pali Coast

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Hawaii
  • Sesong: januar-desember
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Middels
  • Lengde: 2.3 kilometer (tur/retur)
  • Stigning: 10 meter
  • Varighet: 2-3 timer

Om Kalepa Ridge Trail

This trail gives you a clear overview on the west side of the Na Pali Coast. This is a ridge trial and leads to cliffs on the sea side. The beautiful nature and mountains that rise up out of the sea. The entire trail is full of beautiful views over the valley of the Na Pali Area.


From Lihue, take Kaumualii Highway 50 to Waimea. Turn right and enter Waimea Canyon Drive. Drive almost to the end of the road until Kalalau Lookout where you will find the trailhead. 

Walk up the stairs to the Kalalau Lookout and you will see the trail on the left side of the fence.

On the island, it is wise to rent a car. The public bus does not run often and drives only between the larger towns on the highway.


The trail starts from the Kalalau Lookout. Sometimes the trail can be closed due to bad weather for example if there is too much mud along the trail. The trail is only marked in the beginning but it is easy to follow even when there are no markers.

The trail starts in the forest with thick brush and trees. As you hike down the trail towards the sea the terrain opens up and you will quickly reach the ridge with great views of the Kalalau Valley. Parts of the trail is challenging with some steep section where you need to scramble down. 

As you reach the mid section of the trail you again hit some brush and trees before it once again opens up. The trail is now very narrow and the low brush hits your legs so you want to consider hiking with some long pants. 

Decide for yourself how far onto the trail you want to hike. The trail gets steeper and less visible as you continue on so make sure you only hike as far as you feel comfortable with the trail.


  • No drinking water along the trail or at the parking lot. 


  • There are no public toilets along the trail or at the trailhead. You can use the toilets at the parking lot next to the Kalalau Lookout.
  • There are campsites in the State Park, but you can also camp at Salt Pond Beachpark.
  • You will find shops along Kaumualii Highway, in Koloa and Omao.


You can choose from one of the many hotels on Kauai. The island is not big, the maximum distance you can travel is two hours, one way.

The island also has several camping sites. The closest ones can be found around the State Park and Salt Pond Beachpark. You need to obtain a permit in Linue to stay at these campsites.


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Av Nadja Kroon

World traveler originally from the Netherlands. 

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