Store Åklungen Vandring

Trek into the woods north of Sognsvann lake

  • Store Åklungen lake in early May.

    Store Åklungen lake in early May. Foto: Aaron Beaton

  • Trail leading towards Lille Åklungen.

    Trail leading towards Lille Åklungen. Foto: Aaron Beaton

  • Path above the eastern shore of Sognsvann.

    Path above the eastern shore of Sognsvann. Foto: Aaron Beaton

  • Trail between Lille and Store Åklungen in early May.

    Trail between Lille and Store Åklungen in early May. Foto: Aaron Beaton

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Oslo
  • Sesong: mai-oktober
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Middels
  • Lengde: 7.8 kilometer (rundtur)
  • Stigning: 150 meter
  • Varighet: 2-3 timer

Om Store Åklungen

This route is a quick loop into the woods north of Sognsvann lake past Lille and Store Åklungen lakes. It is a mix of wide easy paths and windy forest trails. The forest trails are well marked with blue signs. There is a good chance of seeing local wildlife including squirrels, rabbits, ducks, and birds. Both lakes have clearings by the shore for picnics and camping.


From central Oslo, take metro line 5 (Sognsvann) to the final stop, Sognsvann. Follow the signs pointing to the lake, a few hundred meters north of the station.


The route begins by following the wide trail into the trees just above the lake’s eastern shore. Continue past Svartkulp, a smaller lake which is also a swimming spot. Once you’ve walked past the top of the lake, several paths converge and a blue sign points you west to a forest trail.

Once you enter the cover of the forest the trail turns north and the terrain becomes more undulating. You immediately feel much deeper in the forest than you actually are as you trek towards Lille Åklungen. Once you reach the lake, follow the trail north, stopping for a break in one of the small clearings by the shore.

At the top of the lake you’ll find the trail continues along a small creek which leads towards Store Åklungen. Once you reach the larger lake, there is a lovely place to relax with views over the water and to the eastern shore.

From there it’s just a short walk south east to rejoin the main path between Ullevålseter and Sognsvann. Follow the path south and once you return to the point where you first entered the forest, continue down to the shore of Sognsvann and walk along the water back to the starting point.


  • In early May, there will likely still be quite a lot of snow on the trail by Lille Åklungen and up towards Store Åklungen
  • This route can be hiked in sneakers, but if it is early in the season hiking shoes would be best


  • Toilets (free)
  • Kiosk
  • T-bane (Sognsvann, line 5)
  • Parking (free)


If you’re visiting Oslo, choose from one of the many hotels or apartments in the city.


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