Kajakkeventyret Hvaler Padling

Guida turer, kurs og kajakkutleie

  • Foto: Gry Gerhardt

  • Skomakerskjæra Vesterøy

    Foto: Gry Gerhardt


Kayaking is an excellent mode of transportation among the island of Hvaler, and the countless islets and islands lie there awaiting a visit.

If you do not have a kayak yourself or want a guided tour with a local guide who knows where the nice places are, try Kajakk og padling Gry Gerhardt. She also arranges courses if you want to spend the summer to be a good paddler. Gry says what characterizes a kayaking experience is the connection with water. You know the movements in the water. You use the body to get forward. You glides quietly through the sea and can get quite close to animals that do not look at the kayak as a threat. The quiet pace means that many details you will not see will be visible.

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon Ytre Hvaler
  • Sesong januar–desember
  • Avreiser Every day
  • Varighet 4–5 timer
  • Vanskelighetsgrad Middels
  • Målgruppe Course: 8 / 12 years with parents / without parents. Family course: All ages ( double lkayak). Guidet tour: From 13 years dependent of experince

Book med Kajakk og Padling Gry Gerhardt

Det vi skal gjøre


  • Kayak rentals
  • Kayak courses
  • Guide on tour


  • Guided tours is year round.
  • Introduction courses (Våttkort) when water temperature is above 12 degrees, normally from mid May to October.
  • Advanced courses for people with their own drysuit (tørrdrakt) are arranged year round.



Ta med

  • For introduction the course, you need to bring warm clothes dependent on the weather, a lunch packet and a wetsuit (våtdrakt). A wetsuit you can buy at Europris for 400 NOKs.
  • For kayak rentals without a guide, you need the Norwegian certificate "Våttkort"
  • For guided tours, you need to bring warm clothes dependent on the weather, a lunch packet and a wetsuit or drysuit.


By contacting Kajakk og Padling Gry Gerhardt, you agree on meeting point in the area of Fredrikstad - Hvaler islands.

Levert av

Kajakk og Padling Gry Gerhardt

Vi leier ut kajakk og holder kurs. Vi har Fredrikstad som base for vår virksomhet.

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