Appelsinhytta Skitur

Ski the family-friendly route to the base of the Hardanger Glacier

  • Appelsinhytta

    Appelsinhytta Foto: Finse 1222

  • Appelsinhytta

    Appelsinhytta Foto: Finse 1222

  • The route to Appelsinhytta

    The route to Appelsinhytta Foto: Finse 1222

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Finse
  • Sesong: januar-mai
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Enkel
  • Lengde: 8 kilometer (tur/retur)
  • Stigning: 150 meter
  • Varighet: 2-4 timer

Om Appelsinhytta

The beautiful route to Appelsinhytta is a family-friendly adventure taking you over the frozen lake at Finse to the base of the Hardanger Glacier. Enjoy the fantastic views of the surrounding frozen tundra and the towering glacier above.

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From Finse 1222, follow the signs to the south taking you in the direction of "Jøkulhytta" and "Hardangerjøkul". The first section of the train will be flat followed by a very gradual incline. After 3.5 kilometers you will reach the cozy cabin, Appelsinhytta. Here, you are welcome to go inside to take a break and enjoy a bite to eat. 

The cabin is serviced only at Easter and May 17th, so you will need to pack your own food and beverage for your adventure. After enjoying the view, return back to Finse along the same route. 


  • Always bring a compass and an additional map for safety precaution.
  • It is recommended to use “fjellski” (mountain skis) on this adventure. Fjellskis have steel edges which make it easy to get a good grip on the snow.
  • The route will be marked with poles.
  • The wind is very often stronger above Finse than at the beginning of the route. 
  • It is recommended to wear the appropriate clothing as well as bring additional gear in case of sudden weather changes, which can happen in the mountains. Read about What to Pack for a One-Day Ski Trip to be well prepared.
  • Hardangerjøkul is the 6th largest glacier in Norway. The highest point is 1863 meters above sea level.


  • Public toilets are found at Finse 1222.
  • You are able to buy food at Finse 1222’s restaurant or grocery store. It is only possible to purchase a limited selection of food at Appelsinhytta on certain days of Easter holiday and on the 17th of May. To be certain, ask the front desk at Finse 1222 about the food service times. 
  • Outdoor adventure equipment can be rented at Finse 1222. You can learn more about pricing and availability here


Finse 1222 - Located in the midst of the Hardanger mountain range, Finse 1222 is easily accessible via train from both Bergen and Oslo and is the perfect place to stay for all of your summer and winter adventures. 


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