Østmarksetra til Mariholtet Sportsstue Vandring

  • Foto: Lauren Guido

  • Foto: Lauren Guido

  • Foto: Lauren Guido

  • Foto: Lauren Guido

  • Foto: Lauren Guido

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon Oslo
  • Sesong januar–november
  • Vanskelighetsgrad Lett
  • Lengde 7.8 kilometer
  • Høydemeter 330 meter
  • Varighet 2.5–3.5 timer

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Om Østmarksetra til Mariholtet Sportsstue

A wide flat trail with a few hills, makes for a relaxing walk that is stroller accessible all the way to the end. Surrounded by large trees, a great place to swim, go for a run, or experience some of Norway's rich heritage. There are many side trails if you find this particular route too easy. A few steep and slippery slopes. Be sure to wear good hiking boots. There are many routes to be enjoyed in this area.

Be sure to stop in at the Mariholtet Sportsstua (http://www.mariholtet.no) to warm up and get some refreshments. After the day is over where better to enjoy a hearty dinner than at the picturesque Østmarkseteren Restaurant (http://ostmarkseteren.no). Particularly beautiful in the winter time.

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Østmarksetra til Mariholtet Sportsstue kart