Daffodil Point Vandring

Daffodils, boulder fields, and the best sunset on Salt Spring Island

  • A young couple walk beneath Gary Oaks in the long summer grass on Daffodil Point.

    A young couple walk beneath Gary Oaks in the long summer grass on Daffodil Point. Foto: Keegan Pearson

  • A hiker pauses on a rainy day beside a huge Arbutus tree limb.

    A hiker pauses on a rainy day beside a huge Arbutus tree limb. Foto: Keegan Pearson

  • Relaxing on Daffodil Point pre-ocean swim.

    Relaxing on Daffodil Point pre-ocean swim. Foto: Keegan Pearson

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Om Daffodil Point

Daffodil Point, as locals call it, is an easy low incline trail to an old home stead in Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park. Depending on the time of year, it's a great place for a swim, a place to lie in the grass with the daffodils, or wait for the late summers sunsets.


Head towards Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park. Burgoyne Bay Road will be on your left if you're headed away from Fulford Harbour. Follow Burgoyne Bay Road to the end making sure to stay right and park in the parking lot. The trailhead is at the end of the parking lot. 

Further trails can be found by exploring the belly of Burgoyne Bay, and all along the slopes of the southern side of the bay. Additionally, Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park links together with Mt. Maxwell Provincial Park and trails to the top of Mt. Maxwell can be accessed by taking a number of trails off the Daffodil Point Trail.


The Daffodil Point trail generally follows the northern shoreline of Burgoyne Bay, staying roughly 100-300 meters off the shoreline. Stay straight on the trail and be aware that several trails branch off to the right and head up Mt. Maxwell and into the jungle gym of boulder fields. 

After 20-30 minutes or about 2 kilometers, you should reach a well-defined branch in the trail to the left and clearly see the point. Visual signs you've reached it are the oak trees, and remnants of stone foundations. 

The trail does continue past the point and eventually loops up and back to the Daffodil Point trail if you're looking for more exertion and hoping to find the Arbutus tree pictured.


  • Respect the delicate ecosystem and keep your eyes open for owls


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Av Keegan Pearson

Keegan is a photographer and storyteller who was born and raised on Salt Spring Island. He now lives in Squamish, BC.

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