Stornappstinden Vandring

Flakstadøya's Towering Eastern Peak

  • View of Stornappstinden from Storvatnet and the main road along Lofoten.

    View of Stornappstinden from Storvatnet and the main road along Lofoten. Foto: Samuel Taipale

  • Foto: Emily Talley

  • Foto: Emily Talley

  • Foto: Emily Talley

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Lofoten
  • Sesong: juni-oktober
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Middels
  • Lengde: 4.3 kilometer (tur/retur)
  • Stigning: 670 meter
  • Varighet: 2-4 timer

Om Stornappstinden

Flakstadøya is the island in the heart of Lofoten archipelago and Stornappstinden is a very accessible peak providing an incredible view of surrounding ocean, beaches and landscape. Located just minutes from Leknes, Stornappstinden is a steep hike worth every step. 

This hike is vertically demanding in the middle section of the trek. The trail is very well-tracked so you will have solid footing all the way to the top. The hike starts at 60 moh and climbs to a towering 740 moh. From about 350 meters until the 600-meter mark, you gain the most elevation in the least about of distance, so this is presenting a pretty steep grade.

Stornappstinden is the fourth tallest peak on Flakstadøya but the closest one to Leknes, the second largest city in Lofoten, home to one of the major airports on the archipelago. The first 300 meters of the hike will be climbing up a small winter ski hill. Stornappstinden is also an extremely popular ski touring location in the winter and spring. A quick hike up with your skis will provide you a gorgeous view as well as an exciting trip down. 


From Leknes, take E10 towards Å. After going through the tunnel between Leknes and Flakstadøya, you will enter Napp. Follow E10 for about 3 kilometers further until you go over a small pass. As you go over the pass, you will see a bus stop on your right and immediately after is a gravel road to the parking lot for Stornappstinden. The gravel road will take you up about 100 meters and there will be available parking here. There is a little “overflow” parking in the parking lot just off the road as well as parking along E10 at Nappskaret. 


The trail to Stornappstinden starts at the base of the little ski hill next to the warming hut which you can see from the parking lot. As you walk to the warming hut you will see the trail heading straight up the alpine hill next to poles. From this point on it is very easy to follow the trail which climbs up the looming mountain. The incline of the trail stays about this grade for the next kilometer or so. Once you reach about 300 meters above sea level, the trail starts to get very steep and you will zig-zag your way up all the way to the top. There are a few points along the steep portion of the hike to take a break and soak in the view to the south and the Storandnesdalen valley to the northwest.

Although the trail is steep it is very well-tracked and you will have solid footing the entire climb. Stay aware of where you place your feet and notice any loose gravel which could cause you to slip.

The top provides amazing views of the city of Leknes to the northeast, Flakstadtinden to the south and the Nappstraumen strait below. The famous white sand Haukland beach of can be seen directly north as well as the infamous Veggen, "The Wall”. The north side of Stornappstinden is a sheer drop off so keep yourself and others away from the steep cliff. There is plenty of room at the top of the mountain to sit and relax and soak in the amazing views in all directions. 

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There are no public restrooms during the summer season. 


Stornappstinden is only 15 minutes away from Leknes which can provide many hotels.

Nusfjord, the highly regarded fishing cabins, is only 20 minutes south of Stornappstinden. Nusfjord has many beautiful hikes and adventures to experience or guides to book.

If you continue another 30 minutes south of Stornappstinden you will reach another small town of Ramberg which has a few other accommodation offerings.  


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