Stand Up Paddling at Bygdøy Sjøbad Padling

Float on the Oslofjord while exercising your core

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  • Destinasjon: Oslo
  • Sesong: april-november

Om Stand Up Paddling at Bygdøy Sjøbad

If you're looking to spend a lovely summer or spring day on the beach, but feel like getting a little more active - this adventure is perfect! 

Not far from the city, Bygdøy Sjøbad is one of Oslo's most loved little beaches on the northwest side of the Bygdøy peninsula. It is a sandy beach with places to jump in along the water's edge, and there is a diving tower in the middle of the little bay - perfect for families or anyone looking for an enjoyable beach-day destination. The conditions in the bay are often still, so it's the perfect place to stand-up paddle too!

Book a stand-up paddleboard with 4 Elements. If you want to, you can book a tour or even a paddling camp too. The paddle boards come in bags with travel wheels and straps for your back - so they're super easy to transport if you're catching public transport. Start pumping up your stand-up-paddle-board and enjoy the sunshine while keeping active. Remember - try to keep your balance!



If you're starting in Oslo Central Station, catch bus 30 towards 'Bygdøy' from Jernbanetorget, platform A. You'll approach 5 stops before reaching 'Kongsgården'- get off here. Walk North-West and you'll come to a sign pointing towards Bygdøy Sjøbad. Turn left down this road. You will walk past a farm on your right for about 5 minutes until you get to a shadier part with more trees, where you'll find a sign directing you to continue walking straight to get to Bygdøy Sjøbad. Continue on this road until you reach the beach on your left-hand side. 

Return to the city center on bus 30 towards 'Nydalen'. 


Or alternatively, you can cycle there using either your own bike or an Oslo Bysykkel. But, note that the Oslo Bysykkel stand is at Huk, which means you'll need to walk further to reach Bygdøy Sjøbad if you are dropping off one of these bikes. 


Take sunscreen to avoid getting burned out on the water!

We would recommend taking the bus, especially when carrying the paddle-board as it is a little heavy.

Take a wet-suit in the colder months in case the water temperature is low

Make sure to bring clothes that can get wet - most people fall off on their first try! 


Questions or comments? Let us know.

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