Tverken Mat

  • Foto: Espen Oldeman Lund

  • Foto: Espen Oldeman Lund

Viktig informasjon

  • Sesong: januar–november

Om Tverken

Tverken is the perfect stop for a vaffel or a bolle when adventuring in Drammensmarka. 

Tverken offers bakeries and other things to buy when you have been hiking to Tverråsen or skiing the many ski trails around this area. If you just want to go to Tverken to check it out the easiest path is the one from Landfalltjern and head up the gravel road from there to Tverken. 

Opening hours
Tverken is usually open from 10-15 every Saturday and Sunday except for July. 

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Vandring 4.6 km · 1.5 – 3 t


Vandring 1.8 km · 1 – 1.5 t


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Vandring 4.7 km · 0.5 – 1.5 t

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