Tverråsen Vandring

Magnificent hike in the woods around Drammen

  • Tverråsen sett fra andre siden av Tverråstjernet

    Tverråsen sett fra andre siden av Tverråstjernet Foto: Espen Oldeman Lund

  • Utsikt fra Tverrråsen

    Utsikt fra Tverrråsen Foto: Espen Oldeman Lund

  • Bekk på vei fra Nerdammen til Tverråsen

    Bekk på vei fra Nerdammen til Tverråsen Foto: Espen Oldeman Lund

Viktig informasjon

  • Sesong: april-november
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Enkel
  • Lengde: 9.2 kilometer (tur/retur)
  • Stigning: 210 meter
  • Varighet: 3-4 timer

Om Tverråsen

Tverråsen will show you the best parts of Drammensmarka. You will find some beautiful trails and forest areas. And you get to enjoy a magnificent view of Drammensmarka and the areas further east. You will also be able to spot Knabben from here.


There are multiple ways to get to Tverråsen. But the most common way of getting there is to drive up to Landfalltjern(toll road) and then walk pass Tverken and up to Tverråsen. From Drammen drive up to and behind Drammen Hospital. Follow the signs for Spiralen, but as you pass the hospital don't take the right towards Spiralen but continue on Hans Hansensvei. About 150 meters later you need to take a right into Sanatorieveien and then later continue on Underlia. There are small signs for Landfallhytta that you can follow up the hill. 

As you pass the last residential houses you will need to pay the toll to continue onwards to Landfalltjern. The toll is 35 NOK and you can pay by credit card. Continue up Lanfalltjernveien all the way to the western end of Landfalltjern lake. The road up is quite steep. 



Follow the gravel road up towards Tverken . This first section is about 3 km and it is very easy to follow. The trail gradually climbs and you will hit the steepest section right after leaving the parking lot. 

From Tverken continue on the main trail heading towards Skimten. After about 300-400 meters and before you head up the gorge towards Skimten you will find the start of a trail on your left-hand side. This trail is steep as you climb up to the plateau where Tverråsen is located. From the top of the hill just follow the trail along the ridge, you will have great views at many points along the trail. After about 500-600 meter you will see the Tverråsen viewpoint. 


  • You could also get to Tverråsen from Nerdammen which is further east and from Eiksetra. 


  • Free parking at Landfalltjern(the road up there has a toll)


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Av Espen Oldeman Lund

Outtt developer and hiking enthusiast

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