Knabben Vandring

The best views of Drammen city

  • Great views from the top.

    Great views from the top. Foto: Espen Oldeman Lund

  • The path starts quite steep through some light pinewood forest.

    The path starts quite steep through some light pinewood forest. Foto: Espen Oldeman Lund

  • You get a good look at the peak very quickly as you start hiking.

    You get a good look at the peak very quickly as you start hiking. Foto: Espen Oldeman Lund

Viktig informasjon

  • Sesong: april-november
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Krevende
  • Lengde: 3 kilometer (tur/retur)
  • Stigning: 300 meter
  • Varighet: 1.5-2.5 timer

Om Knabben

Knabben is a small peak looking over the Drammen valley. You will experience great views of most of Drammen and the fjord outside it. 


The trailhead is located at a small parking lot in Solbergelva. From Drammen follow road 283 going west. When you get to the round-a-bout with a sign for Solbergelva take a right onto Teglverksveien and then right after a left on Gamle Riksvei.

After 650 meters take a left onto Solbergveien just before the grocery store Kiwi. Follow this road straight as it changes its name to Batteriveien and then later to Myrabakken and Bergåsveien. At the end of Bergåsveien take a left onto the gravel road and just 50 meters later you see the parking lot on your right-hand side. 


There are several options going up to Knabben. This suggested route is the most difficult one, but also the most fun. Start by finding the trailhead on the other side of the road from the parking lot. It starts fairly steep and brings you up some rocky sections where the trail is not visible and you just have to follow upwards toward Knabben. 

Eventually, you hit a section that is much steeper. Find the arrow that marks the spot where the trail continues. From here the trail is quite steep and you will find a couple of sections where a rope is laid out to help you up.

When you are done with this steep section your trail meets up with the blue marked trail. Follow this trail up to the peak itself. 

Alternative route
If you would like to do an easier route then you have two other good options. From the start of the hike follow instead the signs for "Knabben Lett" along the road. Or go west on the lit trail and then follow the blue marked trail to the top.


  • Free parking


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Av Espen Oldeman Lund

Outtt developer and hiking enthusiast

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