Vandring 1 - 1.5 t 1.5 km

Vettakollen is a peak in between Holmenkollen and Sognsvann that offers some of the best views you can get overlooking Oslo, the fjord and Holmenkollen. There are several picnic areas and a lake for a little break along the way.

There are many starting points to reach the peak, but we have marked a starting point where it's easy to park. The route is only about 1 km up making it the perfect hike after a day at work.

This hike is suitable for children.

Insider tip: If you're up for a longer hike, head north once you've reached the top of Vettakollen and walk back down around to Sognsvann Lake. You won't get much more elevation, but it's a beautiful walk deep into the woods.

Likte du Vettakollen? Finn opplevelser i nærheten.

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1 t

3.3 km

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