Gullsvågfjellet Vandring

Watch the midnight sun hover over the horizon as you climb this Vega favorite

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Helgeland
  • Sesong: april-oktober
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Krevende
  • Lengde: 5.5 kilometer (tur/retur)
  • Stigning: 630 meter
  • Varighet: 3-4 timer

Om Gullsvågfjellet

Gullsvågfjellet Mountain is situated on the southwestern part of Vega island. Rising some 725 meters above the ocean, Gullsvågfjellet offers splendid views of the many UNESCO World Heritage islands comprising Vega municipality. Among them is the characteristic island Søla, which looks like a gigantic brimmed hat floating on the ocean.

The trail follows the gondola lift from Moen up to Gullsvågfjellet and is extremely steep. If you want to avoid this steep ascent, you can take the alternative route from Gullsvåg. This trail is about 1 kilometer longer, but less demanding. Both trails are well marked and easy to follow.

For the best experience, climb Gullsvågfjellet on a summer evening. Around midsummer, watch as the midnight sun hovers on the horizon, intensifying the colors of the surroundings. 


Getting to Vega


If you’re coming from the south (from Brønnøysund) by car, take the ferry from Horn to Vega. The trip takes about 45 minutes. Check departure times on Entur (Horn ferjekai, Brønnøy to Igerøy ferjekai, Vega).

If you’re coming from the north (from Tjøtta or Sandnessjøen), take the ferry from Tjøtta to Vega. The trip takes about one hour. View the timetable.

Express boat

Climbing Gullsvågfjellet is a suitable day trip if you’re staying in Brønnøysund. There’s an express boat running between Brønnøysund and Vega, which takes about 40 minutes. If you take the boat in the morning, you should be able to catch the boat back in the afternoon. Check departure times on Entur (Brønnøysund hurtigbåtkai, Brønnøy to Rørøy hurtigbåtkai, Vega).

It’s also possible to take an express boat from Sandnessjøen to Vega, which takes about two hours. Check departure times on Entur (Sandnessjøen hurtigbåtkai, Alstadhaug to Kirkøy hurtigbåtkai, Vega).

Getting to the trailhead


From Igerøy ferry terminal, head west on Road 839. Turn left onto Road 84. Turn right two times, before turning left onto Road 90 to Åsen. Follow the gravel road towards the masts on top of the mountain. Turn off to the dead-end road towards the foot of the Moen mountain, where you can park. The trail starts off by the informational board just before the gondola lift up to Gullsvågfjellet.


You can rent bikes at the Tourist Information Centre in Brønnøysund or Sandnessjøen and cycle from the express boat terminals on Vega to the trailhead. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the trailhead at Åsen from both express boat terminals.

It’s also possible to rent bikes on Vega. Visit Vega offers to bring and collect bikes at your convenience. 


The trail from the foot of Moen follows the gondola lift up to Gullsvågfjellet. This part is very steep and covered by vegetation.

The trail meets with the alternative route from Gullsvåg, and the two become a single trail for the last part. This final part is covered by loose rocks, so tread carefully. You’ll eye the TV towers on Gullsvågfjellet as you’re approaching the summit.

Once at the top, you’re awarded breathtaking views. Descend along the same trail or along the alternative route to Gullsvåg.

Alternate route

If you want to avoid the first steep part, there’s also a marked trail from Gullsvåg. The trail along the mountainside from Gullsvåg is about 1 kilometer longer but less steep.

From Igerøy ferry terminal, head west on Road 839. Continue onto Road 83 to Valla. Turn left towards Gullsvåg. You’ll see a trail sign along the way, approximately by the end of the asphalt road. There are parking possibilities by the farm track. Get directions in Google Maps.

Be aware that the trail from Gullsvåg can be wet in certain areas. It’s a good idea to wear waterproof footwear. 


There’s a stream in the valley on the way to the top from Åsen where you can fill your bottle with drinking water.


Tindbu cabin is situated on the way to Gullsvågsfjellet. It has an extraordinary location, some 550 meters above sea level, looking over the Helgeland archipelago. You’ll see a sign on your way up. It’s possible to stay overnight as well as to prepare a meal in the cabin. The cabin is open to everyone who wishes to use it. You’ll find the key next to the cabin.


Vega Havhotell offers 5-course dinners based on locally-sourced ingredients. The hotel is located on the northwestern side of the island, close to the sea and surrounded by woods and mountains.

There are plenty of options if you wish to stay in a fisherman’s shack or rent a house or a cabin on Vega. See Visit Vega for more information.  


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