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Innerdalstårnet Vandring

Towering over Innerdalen and Trollheimen

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Nordmøre
  • Sesong: juni-september
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Ekspert
  • Lengde: 8.5 kilometer (tur/retur)
  • Stigning: 1,050 meter
  • Varighet: 7-8.5 timer

Om Innerdalstårnet

The Innerdal tower (Tower, Dalatårnet) is possibly the most powerful and legendary peak in Trollheimen and Central Norway. As you drive up the valley from Ålvundeid, it is exciting to see the beautiful peak coming closer and closer. And on the hour-long walk from the parking lot at the end of the road in Innerdalen to the cabins Renndølsetra and Innerdalshytta you will be excited of the majestic mountain rising in front of you.


From the north, Fv 670 via Surnadal and an idyllic ferry ride (with self-service of coffee and the traditional ferry food Sveler) from Kvanne to Rykkjem, on to Ålvundeid, or from the west or from the south, Rv 70 to Ålvundeid. At Ålvundeid, follow the signs to Innerdalen. After 10 km into the valley there is a large parking lot at the farm Dalen. From here it is probably an hour's walk (about 4 km) into the cabins.


This description starts at the cabins by the lake Innerdalsvatna and follows the main route to the top of Innerdalstårnet.

Follow the marked path past Innerdalshytta and further up the valley. A newly built bridge will take you right over the river and further southwest over planked marshes to the steep path along the wild river Fluo.

After about an hour you are up on the hill at Storvatnet, with a nice view down the valley and the cottages at Innerdalsvatna. The trail continues along the northern side of Storvatnet. After a few hundred meters, the trail divides, and the second leg begins: steep path up to Tårnskar, between the Innerdalstårnet and Tårnfjellet.

1 to 40 min after Storvatnet you are up at Tårnskar, a sharp edge between the Tower and Tårnfjellet. This is a great place to have a good break and coffee break. Rest of the hike is really steep, but the mountain consists of hard granite with solid structure to hold grip. Leave the bag here for an easier ascent.

It is with a certain awe you tackle the last step. The trail is not so well defined so be careful as you are coming closer to the top.


Ascending the Innerdal Tower is one day can be tiresome. Instead, spend the night at one of the wonderful cabins, Renndølsetra or Innerdalshytta. 


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