The Best of Maridalsvannet Vandring

Explore the lakeside trails of Maridalen

Viktig informasjon

  • Destination Oslo
  • Season januar–desember
  • Difficulty Lett
  • Distance 8.1 kilometer
  • Elevation 250 meter
  • Duration 2–2.5 timer

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Om The Best of Maridalsvannet

The eastern side of Maridalsvannet is a beautiful area with great views overlooking Maridalsvannet Lake, thick forest and a vast amount of trails to explore. Taking the tram or bus from downtown will provide easy access to the trail and to the rest of Nordmarka. 

Getting There

  • Take tram 12 (Kjelsås) from Jernbanetorget to "Kjelsås i Midtoddveien". Walk about 500 meters north along this road until you meet the gravel trail. 

Trail Description

From the tram station at Kjelsås i Midtoddveien, walk about 500 meters north to reach the beginning of the gravel trail taking you out to Kjærlighetsberget (Love Mountain). Depending on how far you want to go, there are lots of round-trip routes around Solemskogen and back to Kjelsås.

Follow along with the tracked trail in the Outtt app for our recommended route or enjoy exploring the vast amount of exciting trails around Maridalvannet. 


This trail crosses some train tracks, so proceed with caution. 

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