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Sinober Sportsstue is open year round as your local mountain hub for hiking, cross-country skiing, biking or whatever you're doing in the area. When the sun is shining, grab some local food and eat outside on the patio in the sun. If it's cold, enjoy their cozy lodge to warm up and seek shelter.

Sinober lays in the eastern part of Oslo's Nordmarka Sør and is accessible by trail from all directions and all year round.

For more information about hours of operation and contact information see the homepage at:

Sinober is a great place for kids! Check out the resident farm animals on the property. You're likely to see goats, rabbits and chickens.

- Toilets
- Food and beverage
- No creditcards
- Limited cell reception & Data

Mari Mathews
Mari Mathews
Mari Mathews
Mari Mathews

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