Kringlehøa Vandring

Hike a peak with great views of the Innerdalen valley

  • The peak is found on the west side of the ridge. Langvatnet lake in the background.

    The peak is found on the west side of the ridge. Langvatnet lake in the background. Foto: Janette Hargin

  • Tovatna lake

    Tovatna lake Foto: Janette Hargin

  • Views from the peak towards the Innerdalen valley

    Views from the peak towards the Innerdalen valley Foto: Oddveig Torve

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Oppdal
  • Sesong: juni-november
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Krevende
  • Lengde: 27.2 kilometer (tur/retur)
  • Stigning: 990 meter
  • Varighet: 7-8 timer

Om Kringlehøa

Kringlehøa is a majestic mountain peak in Trollheimen nature reserve. The peak is located along a ridge between Langvatnet lake and the Innerdalen valley. 


The trail starts from the parking lot at Storli, near Storli Gard “Storli farm”. Follow road 70 west from Oppdal towards Sunndalsøra. After about 20 km you will reach Lønset. Turn right, driving past the Lønset church, and continue for 21 km into Storlidalen valley before arriving at Storli. A sign will direct you to the parking lot and there is a small fee for parking.


From the parking lot follow the road back a bit from where you came from. After about 300 meter you will find the marked trail starting off the road on your right-hand side. Follow this marked trail as it slowly climbs up to Tovatna lake. Continue hiking along Tovatna lake.

About 1 km after leaving Tovatna you will take a right in the trail junction towards Langvatnet lake. At the eastern end of Langvatnet the trail heads up to the peak. This last section of the trail is quite steep before you reach the peak. 

Alternate route
It is possible to shorten this hike by biking all the way into Tovatna lake along the road from the parking lot. 


  • Paid parking. It costs 40 NOK to park and you can pay cash or by Vipps(Norwegian app)
  • Parking includes access to toilets and showers
  • Storli Gard and Bortistu Gjestegard, both nearby the parking lot, offer cafe service on alternating Sundays


Oppdal has a range of accommodation options available, including cabins, hotels, and Airbnbs.


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