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M/B Bitihorn Annet

The impressive boat ride across Bygdin Lake

  • Foto: Thor Østbye

  • Foto: Thor Østbye

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Jotunheimen National Park
  • Sesong: juni-november
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Enkel
  • Lengde: 29.2 kilometer (A til B)
  • Stigning: 0 meter
  • Varighet: 1.5-2 timer

Om M/B Bitihorn

A truly special experience in Jotunheimen National Park is a boat ride on the M/B "Bitihorn" across Bygdin Lake. If you are lucky with the weather and get a quiet, sunny day, you can sit on the deck and soak in the views of most amazing views of mountains and surrounding landscape. 



From Oslo, take the NW161 Valdresekspressen to the stop “Bygdin”. 


From Oslo, head north on E16, towards Bergen, for 185 kilometers. When you reach Fagernes, follow signs to road 51, towards Vågå/Beitostølen. Follow road 51 for another 50 kilometers until you reach Bygdin. Here you will find parking. 


Visit the JVB website for schedules and prices. 


The boat ride departs from Bygdin Mountain Hotel and takes you slowly past a few islands, peninsulas, and through narrow straits toward Bygdisheim. The "Bitihorn" has been in operation every summer since 1912 and is the highest propelled ferry in Northern Europe.  

Along the boat trip, Bygdin Lake stretches out in front of us as a giant mirror with Jotunheimens peaks at the head of its mysterious depths. We pass the old Hestevollene which used to serve as a place to rest with the horses, built on grassy plains on the north side of the water. By Torfinnsbu there is usually a crowd of excited and happy hikers who want to continue with the boat. This is also a good spot to exit the boat to begin some adventures. 

Above Torfinnsbu, tower the impressive Torfinnstindane peaks, and to the right, Svartdalen appears as a powerful U-shaped valley. Throughout the valley, the trail goes between the lakes Bygdin and Gjende. 

After the boat leaves the Torfinnsbu pier, we pass the restored Galdebergbua on the shore and approach Galdeberget. The boat rounds Galdebergodden, and after a while you can see the round peak Høystakkene on the northern side of Bygdin. Built on the beach is an old, restored stone hut and the path toward Gjendebu goes uphill along the creek. The boat soon approaches the known and beloved Eidsbugarden. If you plan to take the boat back to Bygdin, you might have time for a cup of coffee either at Fondsbu or at the hotel. 


  • The boat departs two times a day from Bygdin and Eidsbugarden.
  • The trip takes about one hour and fifty minutes to Eidsbugarden with a stop halfway at Torfinnsbu.


  • Bygdin Fjellhotel is located at the eastern end of Bygdin Lake. Visit their website for accommodation information and availability. 
  • Eidsbugarden is located on the western end of Bygdin Lake. Visit their website for accommodation information and availability.


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