Loen to Kjenndalstova Sykling

Follow the narrow country road along the turquoise Lovatnet lake

  • The southern end of Lovatnet lake.

    The southern end of Lovatnet lake. Foto: Aaron Beaton

  • Kjenndalstova café.

    Kjenndalstova café. Foto: Guri Romtveit

  • Cycling out of Loen.

    Cycling out of Loen. Foto: Guri Romtveit

  • Along Lovatnet lake.

    Along Lovatnet lake. Foto: Guri Romtveit

  • View from Kjenndalstova.

    View from Kjenndalstova. Foto: Guri Romtveit

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Nordfjord
  • Sesong: mai-september
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Krevende
  • Lengde: 32.4 kilometer (tur/retur)
  • Stigning: 480 meter
  • Varighet: 4-6 timer

Om Loen to Kjenndalstova

The trip along Lovatnet lake to Kenndalstova café showcases the gorgeous turquoise lake and majestic waterfalls in Lodalen valley.

The café is in a beautifully located cabin at the southern tip of the lake and is the ideal destination for a day trip, either to enjoy a meal and relax, paddle out on to the lake, or to visit the nearby Kjenndal glacier. The café grounds provides a wonderful location to view the Ramnefjellfossen waterfall. With a total drop of over 800 meters, it is one of the tallest and most spectacular waterfalls in the word.

If you don’t cycle frequently it can be a demanding trip, but by using the whole day and having a long lunch break at Kjenndalstova it’s quite manageable. The sense of achievement combined with the stunning scenery could well prove to be the highlight of your trip.

Lodalen valley and Kjenndal glacier are not as busy with tourists as the neighboring Oldedalen/Briksdalen valleys with the Briksdal glacier. This trip offers a more relaxed and local experience.

The road is trafficked by cars and campervans, but it is not terribly busy. Due to the narrow and winding nature of the road, cars do not travel very fast and it’s quite safe to cycle. If you feel uncomfortable at any point you can stop by the side of the road and let the traffic pass.

On select days in summer a boat travels on the lake between Kjenndalstova and Sande. Sande is located about 5 kilometers from Loen. It’s possible to board the boat with your bike at Kjenndalstova, considerably reducing the cycling distance back to Loen.


Bikes and helmets can be rented from Loen Active in the center of Loen. Check your brakes, gears, and make sure everything feels comfortable before you set off.


Start by heading up the road past Hotel Alexandra and behind the supermarket. Continue along this road past the church and you’ll soon be cycling alongside Loelva river. After riding 3.5 kilometers you’ll reach the northern edge of Lovatnet lake.

Follow the road as it winds along the northern shore of the lake. There are plenty of spots to pause for a break and to take in the amazing views. The road continues by the lakeside for about 9 kilometers before it heads a bit further south and then turns west up a long hill. The hill is a constant climb and taking it slow and steady in a low gear will see you to the top.

Once you’re at the top it’s a nice, but slightly bumpy, descent towards Kjenndalstova at the end of the lake. At this point the view turns even more spectacular and the opaque green-blue color of this part of the lake is a sight to behold.

Park your bike at Kjenndalstova and enjoy a well earned rest or venture out on one of the rowboats or canoes they have for rent.

To visit the Kjenndal glacier, it’s a further 5 kilometers (around 30 minutes) cycling from Kjenndalstova up to the car park. From there it’s a short walk out to a viewpoint.


  • Kjenndalstova is a café and restaurant serving delicious meals made from local produce
  • Kjendalstova rents rowboats and canoes
  • The Joker supermarket and connected café in Loen is a good place to stock up on drinks and snacks
  • There are campgrounds along the lakeshore with small kiosks


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