Outtt makes it easy to explore the outdoors

Discovering new hiking trails can be challenging. Reliable and up-to-date information is difficult to find. It is often spread across various sources and requires considerable research. Low-quality trail maps lack necessary detail. After hiking an amazing trail, there is no seamless way to share your experience to help others.

Outtt aims to change all that.

We are building the content, platform, and community to improve the entire experience. Specifically, we are working to:

  • Simplify discovery of hiking trails and other outdoor activities
  • Clearly present key information around trail demands and accessibility
  • Provide detailed trail maps and mobile apps with GPS tracking
  • Promote knowledge sharing within the outdoor community

We are outdoor enthusiasts and travelers who want to share our knowledge and build a service that makes it easy and safe to discover, enjoy, and promote the outdoors.

Some of our partners:

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Erlend Eggen

CEO & Co‑Founder

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Espen Oldeman Lund

CTO & Co‑Founder

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Aaron Beaton

Product Manager & Developer


Content contributors

Outtt works with content contributors around the world.
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