Hadeland is a scenic rural area of rolling hills and forested hillsides.

Hadeland is a scenic rural area of rolling hills and forested hillsides.

The fertile soil in Hadeland has led to historically early and intensive agriculture.

Hadeland has been one of the major centres in Norway since ancient times with its many large farms, dignitaries and is known as the religious centre of Granavollen. Granavollen also includes Toten, Land, Hurdal and other nearby areas such as Ringerike, Gurgaon and parts of Valdres. This area has been a major religious centre since before or around the birth of Christ. The knight Halvdan the Black is said to have fallen through the ice of Randsfjorden in approximately 840 AD after having been at a banquet. It is believed that parts of the Halvdan’s body are buried at Tingelstad.

Hadeland has lots of recreational areas. There are many great larger lakes like Randsfjorden, Jaren and Harestuvatnet. There are also the beautiful fjords west of Randsfjorden, which is a lake paradise with many connected lakes. This area is popular for canoeing, fishing and camping, among other things.

The rural areas in Hadeland are also nice for recreation with many farm roads that connect this area offering many different routes to explore. You should also check out the Pilgram’s route. It takes you through beautiful scenery, cultural and past historic sites such as the Sister Churches, Granavollen and Tingelstad.

Geologically, Hadeland is marked with several volcano remnants sticking up out of the landscape. Brandbukampen and Sølvberget are the most famous.

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Hadeland's Pilgrim Route

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Pilgrimsleden Sløvika - Høgkorset

33.5 km

Falang bru

Store Skillingen rundt

2.5 - 3 h

6.7 km


Dæhlenmoen - Jølsen - Tækeroa

3 - 3.5 h

9 km

Hornsberget rundt

2 - 2.5 h

4.4 km


1.5 - 2 h

5.6 km

Jaren - Merrabakkene

1 - 1.5 h

3.3 km

Solobservaratoriet rundt

7 km

Kjølvegen - Eggelinna

1.5 - 2 h

5.1 km

Bilden - en steinsetting

Den Bergenske kongeveg fra Stryken til Gran grense

5 - 6 h

31 km

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