The National Park with the highest peaks in Norway.

The National Park with the highest peaks in Norway.

Traditionally the mountains of Jotunheimen were important for grazing farm animals, fishing, hunting. Today the mountain range is a popular recreation destination for both locals and visitors. You can go "get lost" in the mountains without meeting other people for a long time or you can follow well-marked footpaths, you can can climb the steepest mountains or hike calmly along the river into the valleys. People of all ages and experience head to Jotunheimen for a truly unique nature experience.

Jotunheimen National park was opened in 1980 together with the Utladalen Conservation Area. This secured this most notable mountainous area of outdoor experiences also for future generations. The conservation area stretches continuously from below 100 m. to the top of Galdhøpiggen at 2469 meters elevation. Here you have the highest peaks and lush hillsides as well as mountain pastures.
Around the conservation area there are many gateways and access points. You can access different parts of the conservation area from Sogn, Gudbrandsdalen and Valdres. Around Easter, the mountain roads Valdresflya and Sognefjellet open giving easier access by both private car and public transport.

The mountains are majestic and powerful; rock faces and waterfalls, steep cliffs and great views. There has always been some mysticism and superstition tied to the mountains and this was the reason Åsmund Olafson Vinje gave the name Jotunheimen, "the world of the giants", to this mountainous region.

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