Kongevegen over Filefjell

The Mountain Route.

The Mountain Route.

Since the beginning of prehistoric times, people have been travelling over Filefjell. In the Middle Ages it was considered the most used mountain pass between eastern and western Norway. Several Norwegian kings and vikings travelled across the Norwegian mountains on the same trail that is hiked today.

Up until the 1790s, Kongevegen over Filefjell was a much smaller path of stone and dirt but was later replaced by a four-meter wide road fit for riding horses and carriages. The new high alpine road between Vang and Laerdal was known to be the most spectacular part of the Bergen region. Today the road is one of the best cultural monuments in the country. A total of 45 km of the 100 km trek are on the original road from the 1790s.

Experience stunning fjords, inland valleys, steep hillsides, a wild river and a fantastic view toward Norway's most famous national park: Jotunheimen. You will experience a dramatic contrast heading from vegetable gardens in Lærdal to the high mountain flora of Filefjell and onwards to the deciduous forests on the northern side of Vangsmjøsa (lake).

Some sections of the route will take you on public back roads. You shouldn’t run into too much traffic, but take care as you share the road with cars. There are short sections where you must follow the main road E16.

Plan your journey

If you don´t want to walk the complete route from beginning to end we would recommend some shorter hikes one by one.

If you are driving from Oslo we would recommend to park at Neset and hike Kvamskleiva. If you drive 30 minutes further toward Filefjell you can hike through the woods from Øye-Tyinkrysset. If you want to reach the highest point of the mountain route you should stop at Kyrkjestølen og Tomaskyrkja and follow the route Over Filefjell to Maristova on the other side of the mountain. 

You are now on your way to Lærdal and Sognefjorden. Next stop is Vindhellavegen and Galdane. If you want to experience the amazing roads in the steep hillsides we would recommend the round trip Seltunåsen og Galdane.  


Accommodation and food are offered along the route for you to break up the 100 km journey and enjoy some hot meals along the way. Another option is to use one of the accommodation offerings as your home base and do day trips to various parts of the trail from there. Details on meals and accommodations, please go to www.visitkongevegen.no.

Directions & Transport

Transportation and guides are also available with advanced booking. Visit www.visitkongevegen.no to get in contact with accomodation- and activity providers along the route. 

If you are travelling from Oslo we would recommend www.nor-way.no/nb-NO/ruter/v%C3%A5re-ruter/valdresekspressen.

If you are travelling from Bergen go to www.nor-way.no/nb-NO/ruter/v%C3%A5re-ruter/%C3%B8st-vestxpressen.

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Highlights along the Mountain Route

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1 - 2.5 h

4.2 km


6 - 6.5 h

36 km

Borgund Stave Church


6 - 7 h

38.7 km

Kongevegen til fots Lærdal - Vang

96 - 120 h

104.7 km


2 - 4 h

4.4 km

Kongevegen til fots Vang - Lærdal

96 - 120 h

106.2 km

Seltunåsen og Galdane (round trip)

3.5 - 4.5 h

8.6 km


1 - 2 h

4.7 km

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