A wilderness haven.

A wilderness haven.

In Langsua National Park you’ll hike through a vast, family-friendly low mountain landscape. This is an intersection of lush birch forest, old conifer forest, rolling plains and diverse wetlands. The peaks Skaget (1686 m) and Nordre Langsua (1553 m) are marked landmarks which also offer amazing views.

The national park consists of mountain nature bearing the traces of historic use both in the forms of iron works and coal mills. The landscape also shows signs of long-lasting and sustainable agriculture. The grazing of animals has marked big parts of the area and contributes to the unique diversity of plants, animals, and birds. Langsua National Park is a paradise for people who are interested in a rich plant and animal life. In some places the Bearded Bellflower grows, which doesn’t exist anywhere else in Northern Europe. The closest places it grows are the Alps and the Carpathians. In the lush birch forest, orchids and high perennials grow amongst violet florals, February Daphne, and Moor-king Lousewort. The swamps and wetlands are important habitats for rare plants and birds, like sedge, Finnmark sedge, Oeder's lousewort, snipe, marsh hawk and crane. In the forest, rare types of mushrooms and lichen grow on old and dead trees. The area has a wide range of marked paths and trails. DNT huts and cabins are open for those who want to spend the night. Hunting and fishing permits are easily available, and the opportunities are plenty.

Getting here is easy from Valdres, Fron, Land and Gausdal.

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Showing 1–12 of 25 adventures