Explore the heart of the Stølsriket Region

Explore the heart of the Stølsriket Region

With its border to Stølsvidda, Vaset is the most beautiful hiking and cycling area in Valdres. The slightly hilly trails in the surrounding area boast a stunning landscape with vast mountain farms, great views and a quiet atmosphere. In Vaset can you enjoy a variety of activities including cycling, hiking, jogging, fishing, swimming, and many more.

Hunting and fishing are popular in this region and the mountain areas in Vestre Slidre are great locations explore the outdoors. You must apply in advance for a permit to hunt for small game and everyone 21-years-old and older must purchase an “allmenningskort” to be granted permission to fish in the area. If you are under the age of 21, fishing is free. There are twenty lakes and ten rivers in the area presenting great opportunities to catch trout.

Because of Vaset's prime location, the great skiing conditions arrive early in the season and you will find well-maintained cross-country trails as far as the eye can see. The area also has a small alpine center and several other winter activities for all ages.

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Stories and tales about the underground creatures, including the Haugfolk, Nøkken and Huldra, have been passed down through families in the region surrounding Vaset. Join a tour to learn even more about these thrilling tales and get the kids excited for a hike into the wilderness to track down the various living mysteries surrounding Vaset.


There are a variety of hotels and cabin rentals available for staying overnight in Vaset. You will be welcomed with a combination of great food, warm hospitality and above all, a memorable experience. 

To book accommodation in Vaset, please visit the following links:

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Grindbutunet cabins: +47 61 36 19 10

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Directions & Transport

Vaset is located in the Vestre Slidre municipality approximately 18 km north-west of Fagernes regional center and 200 km from Oslo. Vaset is accessed easiest by car. From Oslo, take E-16 north, for nearly 3 hours. Follow E-16 through Fagernes and stay on the road for another 9 km before heading west towards Vaset and “panoramavegen”. This legendary road provides incredible scenery for the next 15 km until reaching Vaset. 

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