Fyrst og Fremst

Fyrst og Fremst (First and Foremost) is an experience company that is run by Iver Lund Aakre, affiliated with Lom municipality. We provide privately guided trips for smaller groups and families, focusing on a personalised experience. We also take on larger arrangements upon request. We have a passion for the mountains, and wish to convey that through our tours.

We seek out magnificent mountain experiences in safe and educational conditions, as well as providing good local knowledge. With Jotunheimen and Breheimen as an arena, we invite you to enjoy active experiences in a safe and relaxed setting. Good mastering experiences are the focus, something we acheive by including each individual in the trip.

You can join a trip to Galdhøpiggen, cave tours, glacier crossings, scrambling and peak ski-trips.

• What you want to experience, we facilitate!

• Get inspired - get in touch - the mountain is waiting!