Mountain landscape in Valdres, Norway

Photo: Yngve Ask / Scanout AS

Valdres highlights

Entering Valdres is like flicking through the pages of a book of traditional Norwegian fairy tales. Arriving from the south, you’ll discover large lakes surrounded by low wooded hills, with farms scattered along the hillsides. As you travel deeper into the region, marvel at the mountains which become increasingly steep and dramatic. Upon reaching the Jotunheimen plateau in the north, a bare landscape with peaks and peaks on end opens up before you.

This varied landscape provides countless opportunities for outdoor activities in summer and winter. Enjoy classic Jotunheimen views from the top of Bitihorn or climb along glaciers to the peak of Uranostind. At the popular mountain resort of Beitostølen, you even have the chance to steer your own team of huskies through the snow. The extensive network of trails at Beitostølen is perfect both for both hiking and skiing.

If you want to experience the region’s mountain farm culture in the summer, the 5-day trek along Stølsruta takes you through wide plains of pastures with grazing animals. Hiking sections of the hand-built Kongevegen, the old King’s Road that used to connect Eastern and Western Norway, is another opportunity to step back in history. The fabled forests and hilltops in the south offer plenty of family-friendly hiking options. Staying at a traditional mountain lodge serving locally-sourced food is the perfect way to revitalize after a long day’s hike.

Sandwiched between Eastern and Western Norway, Valdres is easy to access. Situated in the middle of the region, Fagernes is the largest town and a focal point. Fagernes is a 3-hour drive from Oslo and a 5-hour drive from Bergen. Valdres is well-connected to these major cities by express buses. To discover the backroads and quietest trails, a car gives you the most freedom to explore.

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Map of Valdres

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