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Hiking in Tromsø

Trail guides and maps

Photo: Therese N. Andersen

Tromsø is surrounded by rugged mountains, unspoilt wilderness, and pristine coastline. There are a wide variety of hiking trails suitable for all, from young families to thrill seekers. The small Tromsøya island is mostly urban, so locals flock to neighboring Kvaløya Island for its tall peaks, sea views, and sandy beaches.

Most hikes on Kvaløya gain elevation quickly, and it doesn’t take long before you pass the tree line. The terrain is often rocky making sturdy footwear is a must. Some of the peaks have sheer cliffs, so take care at the top.

Hiking on Kvaløya is possible with public transportation, but it’s much easier to have a car. Most trails do not have designated parking lots and roadside parking is the only option.

Mount Fløya can be reached on foot from Tromsø. The “city mountain” is located on the mainland to the east. Hike all the way up, or take the fjellheisen cable car to Storsteinen and continue up the mountain.

In late summer the wild berries become ripe. Pick raspberries and blueberries straight from the bush as a sweet snack while you hike.

Hiking season in Northern Norway is typically from June to September. Long days filled with sunlight create excellent conditions for hiking and camping, but rain is always a possibility. The Norwegian national weather service provides detailed weather reports and forecasts for Tromsø and Kvaløya in English.

Some of these trails can also be hiked in wintertime with snowshoes. Find out more about snowshoeing around Tromsø and Kvaløya.

6 hiking trails around Tromsø


11.1 km · 3 – 5 hr


3.8 km · 1 – 2.5 hr

Store Blåmannen

6 km · 4 – 6 hr


10.2 km · 3 – 4.5 hr


3.6 km · 2 – 5 hr


9.7 km · 5.5 – 9 hr

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