Photo: Svein-Magne Tunli

Welcome to Norway’s northern adventure hub. It’s the gem of the Arctic Circle, providing incredible scenery and outdoor adventures just a stone’s throw away. The mountainous terrain and the serene beaches in the Tromsø region provide unforgettable memories year-round for explorers of all types.

The city of Tromsø is located on it’s own island, Tromsøya, between Norway’s mainland and neighboring island, Kvaløya. Tromsø International Airport is located on the Tromsøya island with many flights arriving and departing daily, making Tromsø easily accessible from mainland Europe. A short drive and a ferry ride east of Tromsø will take you into the infamous Lyngen Alps, where all of your winter adventure dreams can come true. Ski touring, snowshoeing and even dog-sledding adventures can be found here. Heading west from Tromsø will take you island hopping with the first stop being Kvaløya, which boasts idyllic peaks and a coastline that eagerly awaits summertime visitors.

Tromsø is Norway’s largest city in the north with over 60,000 residents, and another 20,000 students during the school year, bringing the city to life year-round. The city is considered the “Paris of the North”, a nickname they earned years ago due to the surprising culture that visitors would experience during their visit to the north. The combination of the bustling city-life and the arctic wilderness create a world that is overflowing with things to see and adventures to experience.

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