Senja Island


Welcome to Norway’s second largest island, Senja. This region is just as spectacular as the more famous Lofoten islands, but much less travelled and full of untouched nature.

Senja is often described as a miniature Norway. On the west side of Senja, you will find dramatic mountains that plummet right down into the Atlantic ocean, as well as beautiful sandy beaches like Ersfjord. On the east side of the island you find gentler landscapes with birch wood and some farming areas. And in the south, by Ånderdalen National Park, you will find pine tree forests, lakes and wetlands.

Senja is a great place for all adventure lovers and only for the last 2-3 years, has it started to become known for adventurers travelling in Norway. The combination of qualities similar to the known Lofoten islands, and the low volumes of tourists, makes Senja the perfect destination for your next adventure if you value solitude and beautiful scenery.

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