Photo: Emily Talley

Oslo, Norway’s relaxed capital, is packed with great opportunities for outdoor lovers. Even with a population of more than half a million, the outdoors is just a stone’s throw away in all directions.

Situated by the Oslofjord you will find lots of great water activities around Oslo and the many small islands outside of the city. The islands Langøyene, Hovedøya and many more are easily accessible by boat from the city center.

If you are more of a forest enthusiast, you’ll have lots of opportunities as well. Oslo is surrounded by the woods: in the west you will find Vestmarka, Nordmarka in the north, and Østmarka in the east. Nordmarka and Østmarka are both easily accessible by the metro.

Nordmarka is perhaps the most well-known area for outdoor adventures. Climb Vettakollen and Grefsenkollen to experience beautiful views of the entire city. Or walk around the two lakes, Maridalen and Sognsvann, at the edge of Nordmarka.

Østmarka and Vestmarka are less travelled, but no less beautiful.

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