Experience Norwegian mountains, pastures and wildlife from your very own bike. This well marked cycling route goes through areas with incredible views, charming lodges, and authentic Norwegian farm life.

Mjølkevegen is a cycling route in southeastern Norway stretching between Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen and Gol in Halingdal. The majority of the route passes through the beautiful region of Valdres, in areas such as Beitostølen, Vang, and Vaset. Mjølkevegen has been voted as one of the nicest cycling routes in all of Norway.  The entire route is 250 km long and takes 4-6 days, but you can easily choose to cycle sections of the route which takes 1-3 days instead. Two recommended options are to cycle the Miniature Mjølkevegen or to stay at Vaset or Golsfjellet and do day trips. The latter is especially suited for families with small children as you can decide how far you want to go each day. The whole route is well marked so it is easy to make the right turn at every road junction along the way.

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What is Mjølkevegen?

The ultimate guide to biking Mjølkvegen from Vinstra to Gol.

Miniature Mjølkevegen

Two day adventure with some of the best views Mjølkevegen has to offer.

Experience Mjølkevegen at Vaset

Stay at Vaset and do day trips along Mjølkevegen.

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All you need to know when travelling to Mjølkevegen. And your best information on how to rent a bike in this area.

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Find out when you should plan to bike Mjølkevegen and when you should not.

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