Encircled by mountains, large nature formations and with its rich cultural heritage Lesja has an adventurous landscape to seek and explore.

You’ll find the municipality of Lesja at the very top of the Gudbrandsdalen valley. Lesja is surrounded by National Parks. To the south we have Reinheimen, to the west you can explore Romsdalen valley, to the north Dovrefjell and Sunndalsfjella and to the east you'll find Rondane.

The possibilities for experiencing wildlife and outdoor activities here in Lesja are unlimited. Miles and miles of trails and old mountain farm paths are well suited for both hiking and biking. There is great fishing in the rivers and lakes. On a lake like Lesjaskogsvatnet you can glide through the water in a canoe and experience the rich birdlife first hand. The village of Bjorli is a large winter resort with several slopes, chairlifts, and well maintained cross-country skiing trails.

The luxuriant main valley of Lesja is about 60 km from one end to the other. Throughout the valley the main road E136 and the railroad Raumabanen go parallel with old traffic routes like the old Kings road and paths for pilgrimage. A lot of old mountain farms are situated in the two side valleys Dalsida and Lordalen. In the summer these valleys are a beautiful sight and well worth a visit.

The highest mountain in Lesja is Storstyggesvånåtinden with 2209 m.a.s.l. It is located not far from the well known mountain Snøhetta at Dovre. Wild animals like reindeer, arctic fox and musk ox claim these mountains as their home. It is the nature resources that has given foundation for life throughout the ages here. Old capture facilities for wild reindeer, remnants after old extensive iron industry and the cultural landscape testify that. Today agriculture is an important way of life in Lesja as well as a growing tourism industry.

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