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Hikes in the Greater Bergen Area

In the greater Bergen area lie some magnificent mountains well worth exploring.

Many consider Bruviknipa to be the finest mountain in the entire area. The trails is a local favorite and features views of the fjords north of Bergen.

Gullfjelltoppen is a peak in the Gullfjellet mountains, a popular recreation area for locals. From Gullfjelltopen it’s possible to extend the hike and continue further over the mountain before returning back to the trailhead.

Folgefonna glacier is located just a one and a half hour drive from Bergen. Folgefonni Breførarlag take guided hikes over the blue ice, providing a safe and memorable experience for those who wish to walk on a Norwegian glacier. 



Hiking Trail 5.1 km · 2 – 3 hr



Hiking Trail 4.4 km · 3 – 4 hr



Hiking Trail 9 km · 4 – 5 hr

Glacier Hike and Climbing on Juklavass


Hiking Trail 4 – 6 hr

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