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Ormestadvika: Padleled Vestfold

Padleled Vestfold is a network of paddling routes located along the coastline of Vestfold county from Svelvik, in the north, to Larvik, in the south.

Ormestadvika is located in the inner Mefjorden. The fjord lies between Østerøya and Vesterøya islands and consists of smaller islands and reefs. Ormestadvika is a popular destination for boating in the summertime.

Paddling trips based in Mefjorden are recommended for inexperienced paddlers. The inner parts of the fjord provide sheltered waters and less boat traffic. Further from the fjord, you are more exposed to waves, weather, and other boaters.

It is recommended to rent one of the coastal cabins at Gokstadholmen when on a paddling excursion in Mefjorden for a truly memorable experience on the water.

Mefjorden Loop
Padleled Vestfold

Paddling 18.3 km · 3.5 – 4.5 hr

Indre Mefjord
Padleled Vestfold

Paddling 9.5 km · 2 – 3 hr

Ormestadvika to Grubesand
Padleled Vestfold

Paddling 9.2 km · 2 – 3 hr

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