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Karljohansvern: Padleled Vestfold

Padleled Vestfold is a network of paddling routes located along the coastline of Vestfold county from Svelvik, in the north, to Larvik, in the south.

Karljohansvern, previously the Norwegian navy’s main base, is a great starting point for short, exciting paddling routes in an area referred to as one of Horten’s gems. The islands Løvøya, Mellomøya, Østøya, and Vealøs, shelter the inner harbor of Horten, which makes this area a safe and enjoyable place for paddling.

After unloading equipment and kayaks at the start of the canal, cars can be parked at the parking lot a few meters away. There is unfortunately no public toilets near the parking lot, so remember to use the toilets before arriving to the launching area.

The nearest convenience store is located just south of Lystlunden, as well as in Horten city center. Mellomøya, Østøya, and Vealøa are military areas, and therefore closed to the public. You must stay at least 50 meters from the shore when you paddle by, but it is allowed to paddle through Løvøysund, the strait between Løvøya and Mellomøya.

Indrehavn Loop

Padleled Vestfold

Paddling 9 km · 2 – 3 hr

Karljohansvern Loop

Padleled Vestfold

Paddling 8.1 km · 2 – 3 hr

Karljohansvern to Varnestangen

Padleled Vestfold

Paddling 22 km · 4.5 – 5.5 hr

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