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Bjerkøymoloen: Padleled Vestfold

Padleled Vestfold is a network of paddling routes located along the coastline of Vestfold county from Svelvik, in the north, to Larvik, in the south.

Bjerkøymoloen is a good starting point for those who seek a great paddling experience in sheltered waters. From Bjerkøymoloen, you are in proximity to multiple beautiful and unique islands in Sandebukta bay. This area is well frequented during the summer, but in the off-season, you may have the water all to yourself.

The islands in Sandebuka bay have a calcareous bedrock with a lot of fossils, and therefore offer exciting geology, archeology, botany, and a rich birdlife. The largest of them, Kommersøya, is completely free of houses and cabins, and is a popular day trip destination throughout the summer season.

Bjerkøymoloen is one of the least developed areas within Padleled Vestfold. Kayaking and equipment can be dropped off at the pier, where it is easiest to start the kayaking tour. Parking is located next to the pier. Unfortunately, there aren’t any public toilets at Bjerkøymoloen, but you can fill up with freshwater at the marina in the summer season. Groceries can be purchased at Nordre Jarsberg Brygge, about 5 kilometers west.

Bjerkøymoloen to Killingen and Gåsrumpa

Padleled Vestfold

Paddling 7.5 km · 1.5 – 2.5 hr

Sandebukta Loop

Padleled Vestfold

Paddling 18.7 km · 4 – 5 hr

Bjerkøymoloen to Ulvika

Padleled Vestfold

Paddling 11.1 km · 2.5 – 3.5 hr

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