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Hiking in Rondane from Høvringen

Høvringen is one of the key entry points for Rondane National Park. Once a thriving mountain pasture community, the traditional culture has been preserved and the warm hospitality makes Høvringen a family-friendly base from which to explore Rondane.

Høvringen has many different accommodation options available. Høvringen Landhandleri is a small convenience store open every day during summer, but with limited opening hours the rest of the year. 

A short drive from Høvringen is Smuksjøseter Fjellstue which is closer to the main mountain peaks in the area. Driving there costs 40 NOK with payment by credit card at Smuksjøseter.

Getting There

Along the E6 highway in the Gudbrandsdalen valley, look for the sign to Høvringen about a 15-minute drive north of Otta. From the main road, it is a six kilometer drive up to a fork in the road just before Høvringen. Bear right at this junction and continue on for one more kilometer. There is a sign for Putten Seter and shortly after a large parking lot (40 NOK per day, cash only) on the right-hand side. 

There is additional parking at Høvringen Landhandleri for 40 NOK per day. 

Public transportation
Take the train to Otta and catch the local bus up to Høvringen.



Hiking Trail 9 km · 3 – 4 hr



Hiking Trail 5.3 km · 3 – 4 hr

Peer Gynt Loop

Rondane National Park

Hiking Trail 8.4 km · 3.5 – 4.5 hr

Putten Seter to Smuksjøseter

Rondane National Park

Hiking Trail 10.1 km · 5 – 6 hr



Fishing 7.5 km · 1.5 – 2 hr

Smuksjøseter to Øigardseter

Rondane National Park

Hiking Trail 7.1 km · 2.5 – 3 hr


Rondane National Park

Hiking Trail 17 km · 8 – 10 hr



Hiking Trail 6.9 km · 3 – 4 hr

Øigardseter to Putten Seter

Rondane National Park

Hiking Trail 7.8 km · 3 – 4 hr

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