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Fjærholmen: Padleled Vestfold

Padleled Vestfold is a paddling route along the coastline of Vestfold county from Svelvik in the north to Larvik in the south. 

Fjærholmen is one of 28 entry points and a natural starting point for paddling trips in the Nøtterøy archipelago and Færder National Park. The archipelago is a popular destination, with a variety of paddling routes from sheltered waters to more exposed ocean.

The islands are popular for both recreation and camping during the summer season. Paddling around Fjærholmen can also offer a more urban landscape surrounding the city of Tønsberg.

Bringing your own kayak is easy, and renting one is also possible. There is a large parking lot at Fjærholmen, conveniently located next to the beach and the small marina where most kayakers begin their trip.

Toilets and fresh water are also available here in the summer season. The nearest grocery store is located one kilometer before Fjærholmen.

Loop by Torgersøya


Paddling 9.8 km · 3 – 3.5 hr

Bjerkøy Loop


Paddling 7 km · 1.5 – 2.5 hr

Hvaløy and Gåsøy Loop


Paddling 11.2 km · 2.5 – 3.5 hr

Vestre Bolæren Loop


Paddling 10.8 km · 3 – 4 hr

Husøy Loop


Paddling 6.7 km · 2 – 2.5 hr

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