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Finnskogleden: 3 Days from Svullrya

Svullrya, a Norwegian town located in the heart of Finnskogen, is a great starting point for a 3-day, 44 kilometer hike along the Finnskogleden trail.

With a variety of available accommodation, tempting cafés, and the Norsk Skogfinsk cultural museum, there are many amenities to enjoy in town before and after the trip. There is overnight parking available at the local hotel, Finnskogen Kro og Motell, and a short journey down to Nedre Øieren farm at Øyermoen, where the hike begins.

The route continues on to Aksosberget, Røgden, and finishes at Løvhaugen. 

Getting there
From Svullrya, take the Grue taxi (+47 62 94 71 80) to Øyermoen, which is about 24 km south-east. Returning to Svullrya from the end of the route in Løvhaugen is also best done by taxi.

In summer it is easiest to drive to Svullrya because there are no buses operating locally during the school holidays. Alternatively, take a train from Oslo to Kongsvinger and then take a taxi directly to Øyermoen. The taxi from Kongsvinger will cost approximately 1,000 NOK.

Before June 25th and after August 20th, on school days only, it is possible to use public transportation to and from the trail. Take a train to Kongsvinger, then take bus 515 to Masterudkrysset before switching to bus 568 to Øyermoen. From Løvhaugen, route 581 drives to Svullrya. Check for times.

Day 1

Øyermoen to Askosberget

13.6 km · 4 – 6 hr · Medium

From the Nedre Øieren farm, follow the trail heading north. The terrain rises slightly over a wooded hill before the heading down towards the river, Rotna. You will see the ancient glacial formations like eskers down at the river but continue following the trail as it rises towards up towards the towns, Linna and Mellombråten. From Linna, continue along the border between Norway and Sweden for a few kilometers towards border cairn 83, where you cross the border back into Norway and continue another 2 km to the cabin, Askosberget. 

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Day 2

Askosberget to Røgden

15.4 km · 3 – 4 hr · Easy

From Askosberget, the trail heads east and crosses the border into Sweden by the lake, Nyckelvattnet, which you must walk around. Continue around yet another small lake called, Hallsjön, a great place to relax and even enjoy a swim. There are two gapahuks by the lake.

Further north you will pass Fjolperstorp and several other villages before arriving to your destination, Røgden lake. 

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Day 3

Røgden to Løvhaugen

14.7 km · 6 – 8 hr · Medium

When leaving Røgden, walk for 1 kilometer until you reach Purala, where you will come across a very well kept røykstue. From here you will go up a steep climb into the Moldus mountain range. At the top of this mountain, there is a great view of Røgden and the surrounding forest. Continue along a flat trail to Abborrtjärnsberg, a natural reserve rich with plants and home to a nice open-air røykstue. Here, the trail turns more westward and crosses back into Norway and this section of the adventure will finish in Løvhaugen. 

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