For Guides, Activity Companies, Local Accommodation & Content Contributors

  • Grow your audience
  • Access world class mapping & tracking
  • Allow visitors to book your service through direct messaging
  • Connect with adventurers all over the world
  • Free to sign up


Municipalities, National Parks & Resorts

  • Digitalize the adventures in your region giving better access to your visitors
  • Access world class mapping & tracking
  • Significantly reduce printing costs
  • Diversify your guest experience by connecting with local guides
  • Only 2 500 NOK/month
    One time 30 000 NOK startup fee applies

Increase your Visibility

Showcase your adventures through Outtt, both online and through our mobile application.

Outtt connects you with a growing network of adventure seekers, in Norway & internationally and turns guests into your biggest ambassadors.

Let Visitors Adventure with Ease

  • Find destinations and experiences that are relevant to you
  • Save all your adventures on your own profile
  • Use offline mapping for when you are out of service
  • Choose a journey, navigate by map and track your trips
  • Share your experience with your followers and friends
  • Get in direct contact with local guides

Digitalize the Experience

Outtt helps you design your adventures, resulting in a sales focused approach for your greatest assets. Your personal account lets you log in and update adventures in minutes, eliminating the need for printing expensive, static tourist brochures.

Access an economically smart solution that develops at a fast pace without cost so you can focus on your core business.

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