Photo: Claire Kieffer

Become an Outtt contributor

Outtt is currently inviting contributors to help us expand our content and community.

As a contributor, you’ll create and publish information on hiking trails in an area you know well. That means:

  • Writing detailed descriptions for each hike (we have a template and lots of examples)
  • Adding up to 5 Instagram-worthy photos for each hike
  • Sharing your adventures with your family, friends, and followers - but that’s totally up to you

Apart from helping people discover and enjoy your favorite parts of the world, creating content on the Outtt platform lets you:

  • Earn some extra cash. Contributors make money when users engage with their content. Earnings depend on the quality of the content, but also on statistics like pageviews and number of saves. Good adventures generate between 1 and 50 US dollars per month.
  • Gain exposure. Contributors are recognised for their expertise with a bio on each published adventure. You can link to your own website, Instagram account, or other favourite platform. See how Karl from Vancouver is presented on one of his awesome hikes.

Outtt loves our contributors and the local knowledge they have to offer. We are continuously working on improving the platform to help more users discover and engage with their content.

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Meet some of our contributors

Karl Woll

Karl is the founder of Outdoor Vancouver, an adventure blog for the Vancouver area in Canada.

Claire Kieffer


Claire is originally from Oslo, but moved to Senja to experience the wild nature of Northern Norway.