Kjempehaugen på Strand Cultural Heritage

  • Photo: Nils Rogn

  • Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Photo: Dag Nordsveen

Essential info

  • Destination Valdres
  • Season January–December

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About Kjempehaugen på Strand

Immediately north of the farm Midtstrand or Veslestrand at Strandefjorden in Svenes parish in Nord-Aurdal, west of Fagernes and west of Strand church, you see next to the E16 a huge burial mound with a tall stone monument on top.

This is the Vidrike Værlandsson-pile or Kjempehaugen (The Giant Heap). It might not be true that this giant really lies in the heap. Also a municipality in Skåne claims to have Vidrike's grave. On top of the mound stands a stone monument, and in the pile apparantely a 80 cm long Viking sword from around the year 800 was found. Valdres had for a long time a large iron production, both for weapons, equipment and exports.

Access: E16 westwards from Fagernes to Lærdal. After 4.1 km you see the pile on the right side up the road (about 800 m after Strønd church). Park in the bus pocket. Heavy traffic on the E16. You can walk up the hill, but make sure you do not go onto the surrounding fields.

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