Øyangen rundt (Øystre slidre)

Cycling 3 - 4 h 32.5 km

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Follow road 51 from Beitostølen to Skammestein and turn right towards Ryfoss. Keep following the same road and you will pass by a silver and wood gallery on your right. Continue for another 3 km and you will arrive at Valdres Sølv og Keramikk (Valdres Silver Gallery). Exit the main road and turn right. After a visit at the gallery, continue towards Rødvangstølen and Ulvhildsete. The Øyangen lake should become visible after a while and continue along the lake. You will pass by the alpine center of Raudalen. Keep to the right and continue until you reach Grønolen Fjellgard, which is a nice place to stop for a meal. Turn right towads Beito and follow the signs back to Beitostølen. Be aware that the last 2,5 km are quite steep.

This round trip is 32,5 km.

Morten Helgesen, www.valdresibilder.no

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