Skjøld Hiking Trail

  • Utsikt frå Skjøld. Må opplevast!

    Utsikt frå Skjøld. Må opplevast! Photo: Thor Østbye

  • Opp fra Storstølen.

    Opp fra Storstølen. Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • På Soleiklanten.

    På Soleiklanten. Photo: Thor Østbye

  • Vangsmjøsa frå Øye til Hugakøllen.

    Vangsmjøsa frå Øye til Hugakøllen. Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Du tenkjer ikkje på mykje anna mens sola kryp under horisonten rett til høgre for Suletinden.

    Du tenkjer ikkje på mykje anna mens sola kryp under horisonten rett til høgre for Suletinden. Photo: Thor Østbye

Essential info

  • Destination: Vang
  • Season: June-November
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 8.7 kilometers (loop)
  • Elevation Gain: 590 meters
  • Duration: 1.5-2 hours

About Skjøld

After 1½ - 2 hour walk you arrive at Skjøld, with stunning views down to Øye and the complete row of peaks in Jotunheimen standing up like teeth in the landscape.

Take off from E-16 to the west end of Vang center at the gas station at the sign "Skakadalen 10" and drive past the Stele farms, pay the tolls, and then drive further into the idyllic Skakadalen, past old, closed down, mountain pastures, until you far into the valley arrive at Storstølen. There you park your car. Go up on the west side of the creek. Follow the marking through juniper and willow thickets. By Soleiklanten you are up in about 1400 meters altitude, and from there and inwards there is alternation between flat and slightly rising terrain. You walk on grass, heather, and moss, but also some rock and boulder fields, and if you're lucky, you can find the rare mountain birds dotterel and horned larks. After a  few hours of walking you arrive at Skjøld, this is a beautiful trip.

Roundtrip (unmarked).
If you want a tour and even arrive back at the starting point and your car, cou can walk west-southwest from Skjøld in direction of gently sloping terrain towards Muneflænane, a flat landscape with many small lakes. Turn south onto the T-marked trail between Sulebu and Skakadale and follow it back to Storstølen.


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