Skjeggklokke på Nylen Plants

Bearded bellflower at Nylen

  • Blomsterenga på Nylen
Flower meadow at Nylen

    Blomsterenga på Nylen Flower meadow at Nylen Photo: Geir Høitomt

  • Skjeggklokke
Bearded bellflower

    Skjeggklokke Bearded bellflower Photo: Inga Dansberg

  • Skjeggklokke (Campanula barbata) ved Nylen
Bearded bellflower (Campanula barbata) at Nylen

    Skjeggklokke (Campanula barbata) ved Nylen Bearded bellflower (Campanula barbata) at Nylen Photo: Geir Høitomt

  • Blomsterenga ved Nylen
Flower meadow at Nylen

    Blomsterenga ved Nylen Flower meadow at Nylen Photo: Geir Høitomt

Essential info

  • Destination: Land
  • Season: June-November
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 0 kilometers (point‑to‑point)
  • Elevation Gain: 0 meters
  • Duration: 0.5 hours

About Skjeggklokke på Nylen

A visit to Nylen makes for a wonderful summer trip to see one of our rare plant species, bearded bellflower (Campanula barbata). Bearded bellflower is a hairy relative of the harebell (Campanula rotundifolia) and can only be found in a few places in Norway. It is listed as Near Threatened (NT) in the Norwegian Species Redlist 2015. You have to travel to the Carpathian Mountains or the Alps to find other populations outside of Norway. It is best suited to mountainous habitat and is closely associated with scree slopes or other forms of disturbance such as traditional agriculture. 

The bearded bellflower at Nylen grows on an old semi-natural meadow, a threatened habitat type, and this meadow is at its most colourful in June/July. Traditionally harvested and unfertilised species-rich grasslands have disappeared from most of Norway, but there are a few remaining areas that are maintained using traditional techniques. Nylen is one such meadow. Please be aware that it is important not to enter the area that is privately owned without the permission of the landowner.  

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Getting there

Nylen is located within Nord Torpa. If you have driving from Dokka take rv250 Lillehammervegen and take the left exit onto Nord-torpvegen 186. Follow this road and then take the exit to the right onto rv196 Synnfjellvegen. Follow this road for approximately 8km. Nylen is on the left-hand side, and it is possible to park on the opposite of the road


  • Bring plenty of water as there are not many opportunities to top-up.
  • Contact the landowner if you would like a closer look at the meadow.
  • Bring a flower guidebook.
  • Bring something to eat.


Small parking area on the other side of the road from Nylen.

Where to stay

Close to Dokka centre you will find accommodation at Dokka Camping, Dokka motel and Ankalterud Gård. Further away from Dokka you will find accommodation at Haugtun (Aust-Torpa), Ullsaker Øvre Gjestegård (Vest-Torpa), Etna Familiecamping (Etnedal), Lyngstrand Camping og Totenåsen Sportell. There is also the possibility to stay at Spåtind Sport Hotel in Synnfjellet. Here you will find apartments and rooms, a café, and a restaurant and bar.


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