The hole at Torghatten Hiking Trail

Hike to this unique natural landmark

  • Photo: Jan Inge Larsen/ Helgeland Reiseliv/ Broennoey

  • Photo: Magnar Solbakk/ Broennoey

  • Photo: Terje Rakke/ Nordic Life/ Helgeland Reiseliv/ Broennoey

Essential info

  • Destination: Helgeland
  • Season: May–September
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 0.5 kilometers (point‑to‑point)
  • Elevation Gain: 100 meters
  • Duration: 0.5–1 hours

About The hole at Torghatten

The hole at Torghatten is known as one of the region's best attractions. It's a 258-meter high mountain with a distinctive 35-meter high and 160-meter long hole through its center. 

From the hole, which is more like a tunnel because it's so long, islands and the beautiful Hegeland coast can be seen. It has has been named "Nature's Cathedral" because of its high ceiling. 

There are many ideas and legends of how the hole was formed. It's generally agreed from the scientific perspective, that the hole was formed during the Scandinavian ice age. However, geologists are stunned and in disagreement with how exactly it was formed. According to legend, the hole formed when the "troll" mountain was attempting to flirt and chase after a girl "troll" named Lekamøya.

Getting there

The hike is located about 15 km from Brønnøysund and can be accessed by car or bike. 

From Brønnøysund drive on Fv54 for about 20 minutes until you reach Torghatten Camping, located on your left. Unless you are staying at the campground, there is a separate parking area for hikers. 

Trail description

The trail begins from the parking lot. It's a very well maintained trail and can be accessed by everyone. There are stairs in the hole to make it easier to access the inside. 


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