Torghatten Hiking Trail

Visit a unique natural landmark

Essential info

  • Destination: Helgeland
  • Season: May-September
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 0.5 kilometers (point‑to‑point)
  • Elevation Gain: 100 meters
  • Duration: 0.5-1 hours

About Torghatten

With a 35-meter high and 160-meter long natural tunnel running through its center, Torghatten Mountain is an iconic landmark on the Helgeland Coast. The tunnel has been named "Nature's Cathedral" because of its high ceiling. The granite mountain reaches some 258 meters above the sea. From the tunnel, you have a great view of the surrounding archipelago.

The hole at Torghatten is surrounded by myths. From a scientific perspective, the general consensus is that it was formed during the Scandinavian ice age. However, geologists disagree on the exact details concerning the hole’s formation.

Legend has it that it was the troll Hestmannen who created the hole when chasing the beautiful maiden Lekamøya. Realizing he could never get her, he released an arrow to kill her. The king of Sømna Mountain saved Lekamøya by throwing a hat into the arrow's path. When the sun rose, the hat turned into stone and landed on the island of Torget. Hestmannen and Lekamøya are two other characteristic mountains on the Helgeland Coast.

Getting there

Torghatten is located about 15 kilometers from Brønnøysund and can be accessed by car or bike.

From Brønnøysund, drive along Road 54 for about 20 minutes until you reach Torghatten Camping. Unless you’re staying at the campground, park in the separate parking lot for hikers.

Trail description

The trail begins from the parking lot. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow. The stairs inside the tunnel lead you relatively smoothly from one end to the other. 

Where to stay

Torghatten Camping offers apartment and cabin accommodation. Their restaurant serves locally sourced food.


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