Skurdalsåsen Hiking

Essential Info

  • Destination Geilo
  • Season June–September
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 17.6 kilometers
  • Elevation 460 meters
  • Duration 4.5–5.5 hours

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About Skurdalsåsen

From Geilo, walk over the bridge toward Vestlia. Follow Stølsvegen road passed the horse center until the trail takes off to the right (marked with Bruslettstølen). An easier altenative without the climb is from the parking lot opposite the Kikut Fjellstue. Follow the cabin road in to the Rundetjørn pond (sportfishing permitted). From here, the trail continues eastward to the trail crossing before Bruslettstølen.

The round at Skurdalsåsen is an easy, nice round just over 1,000 m. elevation. It is recommended to go from Bruslettstølen toward Skurdalen (Skurdalsstølane). The trail turns toward the east and meets the old trail, «Gamle Skurdalsvegen.» This trail is cultural heritage in its own right and a joy to hike! Try a little detour up to the «Soria Moria» cabin by Leirtjørn pond. An idyllic place with a 360-degree view! By the mountain farming hamlet by Nybu, the trail takes off westward where it generally follows the winter route 3.5 km back to Bruslettstølen.

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Cultural Heritage

Skurdalsåsen Map