Finnegården Tomta Cultural Heritage

  • Tomta ligger vakkert til i skråningen opp mot det høye Skråckarberget. Finnskogleden passerer her.

    Photo: Asbjørn Langmyr

  • Fra interiøret i Tomta.

    Photo: Asbjørn Langmyr

  • Hovedbygningen på Tomta er fra ca. 1850.

    Photo: Asbjørn Langmyr

  • Gjenstandene i hovedbygningen presenterer gårdens historie.

    Photo: Asbjørn Langmyr

  • Stabburet på Tomta er fra ca. 1750

    Photo: Asbjørn Langmyr

Essential info

About Finnegården Tomta

On the top of Skråckarberget south of Bograngen, you can visit the beautiful Finn farm Tomta. The oldest house tis from from the mid-1700s. The once prosperous farm has twelve buildings. The main building with traditional wooden stove is moved from Josefsberg in Lekvattnet. A newly built smoke sauna can be heated and rented to guests throughout the year. The farm also has a newly conference room who also rented out. It can accommodate 80 guests. In summer Tomta is open for visits and serving. The site also offers overnight accommodation for walkers / cyclists in a forest cabin from 1927.


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