Finnegården Tomta

Cultural Heritage

On the top of Skråckarberget south of Bograngen, you can visit the beautiful Finn farm Tomta.
The oldest house tis from from the mid-1700s. The once prosperous farm has twelve buildings. The main building with traditional wooden stove is moved from Josefsberg in Lekvattnet. A newly built smoke sauna can be heated and rented to guests throughout the year. The farm also has a newly conference room who also rented out. It can accommodate 80 guests.

In summer Tomta is open for visits and serving. The site also offers overnight accommodation for walkers / cyclists in a forest cabin from 1927.

Asbjørn Langmyr
Asbjørn Langmyr
Asbjørn Langmyr
Asbjørn Langmyr

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35.8 km